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About the Campaign

Approximately one BILLION people in this world do not have access to safe, clean water. This is a heartbreaking fact. It is easy for those of us who have clean water to take it for granted, at least I know I have. Meanwhile there are men, women, and children who get sick from diseases and parasites in the water they drink and bathe in.

This is my rally cry to all of you to be a participant in supporting those affected by this travesty and choose with me to actively assist. I am pairing up with the non-profit organization Water to Thrive to increase awareness of the water crisis, and raise a minimum of $5,000 to build a water well in Africa. As a community who has clean water, we can connect with others far beyond our local community and impact the lives of people in a very meaningful way….by helping to bring them health in 2017.

I ask for your help, so that we can make a difference in the lives of a Community – in Families – for Individuals – for Children. If just 200 people donate $25, we can meet the goal of $5,000. But there is no donation too small — every dollar counts, even the spare change in your pocket. To make a donation simply select “Donate Now” directly from this page and and your gift will automatically be added to the fundraising goal.

TOGETHER we can make a difference!

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