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Goal $5500
100% to goal

About the Campaign

I was born in Ethiopia and adopted to a family in USA. I am blessed to have clean water anytime I want. It breaks my heart knowing that people in my birth place lack sustainable clean water. I still have family that lives in Ethiopia but because of adoption laws we can not send money or gifts. One thing I can do is provide clean water to a community in need. It’s so simple; for the cost of one large cup of coffee you can provide one glass of clean water to a person everyday for several years. Tarik is my birth name, it means “story” Buna Tarik roasters is coffee with a story. A story of changing lives through clean water.

Campaign Supporters

holden - $25
Buna Tarik Roasters - $62
Sales of Coffee
Buna tarik Roasters - $100
Sales of coffee
Julie L Hughes - $20
Anonymous - $100
Thank you Major Wild for sharing Eden's story. You are buying our coffee next time! ;)
Anonymous - $150
Martini family - $200
Your story is amazing! So happy to be a small part of such a wonderful heart! Thanks for sharing your heart and passion by serving.
A grateful Wild family - thanks Aunty Joan! - $300
In memory of Eric Loveless, a loving uncle to many.
Dussault Family - $40
Cheers to the good work being done and may God continue to bless your mission!
Audette Family - $30
Keep up the fantastic work!
ivan wild - $300
Sales to Chico Corps Christmas gifts
Buna tarik roasters Roasters - $50
Sales from Buna Tarik Coffee
Jim Leet - $50
Keep up the good works.
The Leighton Family - $25
The Leighton Family - $25
Holden - $25
Buna Tarik Roasters - $50
sales of Fresh coffee
Gift from a friend - $250
Rebeca - $200
bags of coffee and donation
Anonymous - $25
We love you Eden!! You are beautiful and have an incredible heart. Keep doing kingdom. You were made for things such as these. 💛😘
Nancy, Cam and Spencer - $100
We are so proud of you, Eden.
Castro Family - $50
Thanks for sharing at corps cadet retreat
Brushwyler family - $55
Del Oro Divisional Corps Cadet Retreat - $160
You did a great job sharing your story at corps cadet retreat. Praying you meet your goal.
The Mahonys - $50
What a wonderful campaign, Eden! We love your spirit and kind heart.
Intermountain Youth Department - $284
Thank you for allowing us to share your story at our Divisional Youth Retreat. The youth of the Intermountain Division are behind you Eden. Keep up the good work.
TIm Schaal & Carol Kennedy - $50
Thank you for helping to make the world a better place.
Gift from a friend - $750
Gift from a friend
Buna tarik roasters Roasters - $332
Sales of Buna Tarik Roasters coffee Order from Bunatarikroasters@gmail.com
Lance Walters - $25
Larry C. - $25
Love this project and your desire to change the world! It’s awesomeness.
Buna Tarik TRoasters - $150
Sales of Buna Tarik Roasters coffee Order now: Bunatarikroasters@gmail.com all sales to the well
The Breazeale’s - $10
Keep up the good work Eden!!
Supporter from Arizona - $10
Keep up the good work Eden!
Holden - $25
Patrick & Renee Howard - $50
Awesome project. We remember hanging out with you while doing childcare at Commissioning when you joined the Wild family 😊
Don & Isa - $50
Glad to help this special project.
The Suttons - $30
John & Judy Bennett - $58
Mitch McConkey - $25
Eden...your story touched me deeply! You are a good and descriptive writer. God Bless you in all of these wonderful efforts.
Buna tarik roasters Roasters - $200
Sales from Buna Tarik Roasters; order some. Bunatarikroasters@gmail.com
Diane & David Shatto - $10
Thanks for the coffee - this is a great project!
Uncle Jason - $65
Just wanted to see you hit the $1000 mark
The Leighton Family - $25
You are rockstar.
Chris Ann - $50
I wish you every success with this project, Eden. I'm so proud of you and your efforts.
Buna Tarik Roasters - $200
Sale of Buna Tarik coffee
Anonymous - $50
Awesome Eden!
Hannah Violette - $10
Buna Tarik Roasters - $50
sales of coffee
Hamilton Family - $50
We love you Eden and are proud of you.
Erica - $100
Jeanne - $100
Shaun - $50
Praying that your story will reach the masses and that your coffee will be enjoyed by many. Also I pray that you will reach your goal.
Brian Saunders - $25
So proud you you Eden!
Alexandra - $10
Best of luck, Eden! 🙂
Holden - $30
Kayla - $10
So excited to bring this to work for everyone to try! Congrats, Eden!
Mony and Juan - $100
May the Lord bless your efforts. We enjoyed our cup coffee as well.
uncle craig - $25
Anonymous - $25
ivan wild - $25
Love Buna Tarik Roasters coffee.