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Goal $5000
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About the Campaign

Our church is fundraising for the full $5,000 cost of a water well. 100% of money goes directly to water projects in the field. Once our project is built, Water To Thrive will provide GPS coordinates from the water project and photos from the community so that we can see the fruits of our donation in action. Each time we raise the $5000 needed to build a well we will begin new campaigns for subsequent wells to be built wherever they are most needed.

Campaign Supporters

Monzpool 2018 - $100
Anonymous Supporter - $407
Supporter from Iowa City - $100
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church - Iowa City - $200
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church - Iowa City - $1640
Thank you Nova Kolander, for the beautiful quilt! We were able to raise $1,640.00.
Monzpool 2018 - $1266
Duncan Monserud - $210
Fantasy football winnings
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church - $877
Donation from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Julie and Doug Busch - $200
This gift is in honor of Clay and Adele Monserud's walk across England.