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Goal $5000
45% to goal

About the Campaign

Building a well is important to me because lots of people die from not having clean water. I would like to help keep that from happening. I want people in Ethiopia to have access to clean water just like we do here in the United States. Ethiopia and the people who live there are very important to me because I was born there. My Mom and I went to a Water To Thrive fundraiser, and I got to tell my story to the people there.

I would love help to raise $5000 more, for my 3rd well! Please donate to my fundraising campaign so I can reach my new goal. Thank you.

Campaign Supporters

Shumaker Family - $100
What a great cause! Happy Birthday!
Anonymous - $35
Carla Colbourne - $50
Happy Birthday Kaleb! I hope all your dreams come true. I admire your determination to give water to others!
The Clendenen Family - $35
Happy Birthday Kaleb!
Jones Family - $20
Happy Birthday, Kaleb. Thank you for being a blessing to others on your birthday.
Permann Family - $26
What a caring young man! Happy Birthday!
The Grovers - $50
Happy Birthday Kaleb...thanks for being such a kindhearted youngman who inspires good in the world!
LuLaRoe match donation - $219
Anonymous - $385
Cody Eichenauer - $25
What a great cause
The Hagen Family - $25
We love your heart for this! Praying for great results. Happy birthday, Kaleb.
Anonymous - $500
Supporter from Leander - $10
Brady and Charlotte Parmley - $50
Happy Birthday Kaleb!
Barry Eberly - $10
Thanks for making a difference!
Supporter from Leander, TX - $10
Krissa - $10
Happy birthday Kaleb! Thank you for inspiring all of us. I'm praying you reach your goal.
Anonymous - $1
Thomas and William - $5
Kaleb, thank you for being such a caring boy who wants to do good for others! Our mama is going to help us do the same thing. We are in second grade and kindergarten and we want to make a difference too!
Anonymous - $500
BakerRealtyTX.com - $100
Kaleb...you are an amazing example of putting service before self. What an amazing example we all can learn from!!
Anonymous - $50
Anonymous - $15
Anonymous - $10
Jeanette Nicholson - $25
Happy Birthday!!
Heath Family - $25
Happy Birthday!