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About the Campaign

Always thankful for his blessings and his family and friends, Phil was willing to help fix things from computers to water faucets. Phil liked to help plan travel, to enjoy life, to pinch a nickel, to enjoy a meal and so much more.
Many have been asking about what they may do to help in a memorial and gratefulness for Phil. The family of Phil Frahm wishes to fund a fresh water well in Ethiopia in Phil’s memory. There are many things to say about Phil’s careful use of water and one example follows. Phil installed a quick turn off in his shower so he could wet, turn off the water, soap up and turn on water to rinse. This method is often called a Navy shower.

When Phil became aware of Water to Thrive and the digging of wells in Ethiopia, Phil had many questions on accountability, the digging process, number of people served, well sustainability, fund use, guarantees of water and more. He had high interest and was an encourager of the work. He was pleased to see that those funding a well were matched to a community and the GPS location is known along with project completion reports. Every well has a committee that is trained on maintenance and how to assure long term care.

There is already a good start for funding this well. Here’s the breakdown for the inital deposit:
$1000 – donations at the time of Phil’s death.
$200 – Allene Parish.
$500 – Rennie & Ed Scharlau.
If you have any questions please contact Phil ‘s family and if we cannot answer your question we will find out. Many thanks for your consideration in being added to those who have already contributed. Thank you from Elizabeth, Randy (Barb), Rich, Doug, Will (Sherry).

Campaign Supporters

Anonymous - $200
Anonymous - $1000
Anonymous - $500
Rich Frahm - $500
In memory of my Dad...
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $50
Phil and Marilyn Kauffman - $100
Charlie and Debbie Fox - $25
A great idea in honor of a great man!
Anonymous - $30
Brad Lee - $100
Anonymous - $50
Carolyn Heitz / Gene Frahm - $60
Donations at the time of Phil's passing.
The Arizona Woodcarvers - $145
Proceeds from sale of Phil's woodcarving tools
John and Bev - $100
We didn't know Phil for many years
Duane Arlene Milton - $50
Dolly and Bill Holmson - $200
With great memories
The Arizona Woodcarvers - $30
From the sale of sharpening stones
Jim & Shirley Uhlman - $100
Gunter and Ann Schmidt - $75
in memory of a great man and wonderful friend
Tiffany Woodhouse - $100
"The Girls" - $400
What an honor to celebrate a great and gentle man who was and still is
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous - $400
Bob and LuAnne Pritchard - $100
Jim and Shellie Gierloff - $100
Kathy and Mark Drew - $50
In memory of Phil Frahm
Anonymous - $50
Friends of the Frahm Family - $50
Anonymous - $250
Elizabeth Frahm - $135