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About the Campaign

In 2009, my family traveled to Ethiopia to bring our adopted son home. On that trip, we made a life changing trip through rural Ethiopia and realized the challenges associated with obtaining water each and every day for the rural African population. Can you imagine walking up to six miles a day to obtain just 4-5 gallons of dirty water for your families use? Upon our return we were very determined to help in changing the lives for not only folks in Ethiopia but also in other African nations. We were very fortunate to find a great foundation that was committed to changing lives in Ethiopia. Water to Thrive is run by amazing people dedicated to changing lives through the gift of clean water. Why water? Our most basic necessity as humans is water. If women and children don’t have to put the time and energy to retrieve dirty water each day, and instead obtain water from a clean source at a closer distance, it will give families in rural Africa the ability to have less concern over water borne disease. It allows women more freedom to be farmers, raise their children, and be entrepreneurs. It gives children the opportunity to attend school. Our primary fund-raising event is a 5K run/walk in Madison, Wisconsin. On Saturday, August 19, 2017, we will have 8th annual event. For more information about this event see www.stridesforafrica.org. This event kicks off Africa Fest 2017 at Madison Central Park. For more information on Africa Fest, see www.africanassociationofmadison.org We thank you for consideration of a donation to help in making an impact for this truly special humanitarian cause, and we look forward to sharing the results of our campaign with you!

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Middleton High School Interact Club - $1215
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Employer Match Donation - $1000
Candy and Doug Dyhr - $100
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Dorothy Rodefeld - $50
Cosette Swalheim - $250
Anonymous - $100
Anonymous - $50
Noel and Jane Rudie - $100
Anonymous - $100
Anonymous - $75
Anonymous - $50
Aaron Goninen - $50
Sorry I missed the race this year!! Great job again Chris! Keep it up!!
Anonymous - $200
Strides for Africa - $2837
Anonymous Supporter - $24