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About the Campaign

My summer 2018 trip promises to be a unique experience for our W2T organization and our participating travelers. I’ll join other hiking and philanthropic enthusiasts to raise funds for Water to Thrive, by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in our service nation of Tanzania.

Water to Thrive’s summer expedition will launch with visits to our Tanzanian water projects and also to villages still in need of life-saving water. Afterwards, the group will begin the eight-day climb (one day for descent included), with each climber pledged to raise funds for Water to Thrive. Standing 19,318 feet above sea level, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest, free-standing mountain in the world. Our Kilimanjaro climb will follow the gradual ascent, Lemosho Route, considered one of the most scenic trails and also offering a full-moon summit. The expedition involves a 35-mile climb with 14,000 feet of elevation. This route offers amazing and diverse rainforest, desert, volcanic and ice rock scenery, as well as an array of wildlife.

The group will be led by two expert guides from Climb Kili, a climbing company whose primary focus is safety, ethics, and environmental concern. Climb Kili has worked with numerous charitable groups, including Wounded Warriors and Make a Wish. If you would like to learn more, provide a sponsorship, contribute to a Kili campaign, or join the expedition, please contact me at susanne@watertothrive.org. Climb Kili offers a FAQ sheet at http://www.climbkili.com/faqs/.

I have long held a passion for adventure, fitness and philanthropy. The photo I’m sharing with you is from my Machu Picchu climb in Peru a few years ago. After exploring Peru’s beautiful landscape and rich culture, I knew that I would want to climb again. If you’ve been longing for a trip of a lifetime, this Tanzanian Kilimanjaro climb could be just what you’ve been waiting for!

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A little later than expected, but I'm proud of you all the same. Way to go Susanne! Keep injecting positivity into the world. - Marcus
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Way to go!
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The W2T journey was wonderful! Congrats on making it to the summit - woo-hoo!
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What an inspiration you are Susanne! Sending you and the team prayers for safety, strength, resolve and joy!
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Don't let Dick get too far ahead of you...or too far behind, for that matter.
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Way to go Susanne.....so proud of you!!
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Proud of you Susanne! Wishing you faith and strength ~ you've got this!
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In the spirit of the newly launched Drop by Drop Fund
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