Raised $5429
Goal $5000
108% to goal

About the Campaign

By the end of this school year, we are hoping to build our 5th well! With the support of TLU and surrounding communities, we know we can make it happen! Water to Thrive has brought awareness to our campus about something so simple we hardly think about it: clean water! Water is so important, it can change a person’s life: from spending all day walking to bring home diseased water, to having enough time to start school. We are all people of this Earth, and being a global citizen means that we need to care for each other! We are grateful to First United Methodist Church and Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, of Seguin, and Triumphant Lutheran Church of San Antonio for their generous support, and to ALL the individual TLU supporters who have made these wells possible. With deep gratitude – let’s keep our momentum going for Well # 5!

Campaign Supporters

Congregations and Individuals - $3394
Thank you to all: W2T Benefit donations at the First United Methodist Church in Seguin
Gift from Seguin - $50
Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church - $1985