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About the Campaign

Cayman Water Company: Cayman Water Company is always seeking ways we can support others to have a better quality of life, especially through being provided with a safe supply of drinking water. Without having this basic necessity met, life becomes infinitely more challenging. We also seek to help our Cayman community appreciate their reliable and safe drinking water supply, and to think of what they can do to help others who are not as fortunate. When Monica Walton of Vagabond Media Group presented us with the opportunity to help a school in need in Uganda, we eagerly worked together to find a way we could combine our missions. The Great Lemonade Challenge was born! It was very well received by the Cayman community, as is all the more meaningful to us, as local children were involved in raising the money to build the well that will benefit their counterparts in Uganda. We very much look forward to seeing this well being installed and the smiles of those children whose lives will be changed.

Logic Communications Limited: Because we know and see the importance of lending a helping hand, Logic is proud to be a sponsor to this amazing initiative. The effects of ‘Water to Thrive’ have been extremely positive over the past years, and our aim is to contribute to that success rate in any way possible. Clean water can often be taken for granted, especially when you don’t have to walk up to six hours a day to retrieve it. We hope that our token of appreciation can bring clean and safe water for many years to come.

Vagabond Media Group: VMG’s mission is to make the lives of others less fortunate than us better. During our travels over the years, we’ve come face to face with poverty, struggle, devastation and in Africa – the water Crisis. Storytelling is what we do best and what greater story to tell than the one of those who are powerless to tell it themselves, yet need help the most. Our hearts are full knowing that in getting the word out about the struggles these communities face, we’re able to now help them have access to clean water. We fell in love with Uganda, with the families and with the work Water To Thrive does.

It is our combined mission to engage the Cayman Islands community in raising funds to build a well for a school and community in Uganda. We have a safe and reliable supply of drinking water on our island and it is our desire to help others that are less fortunate in this regard. We invite the community to join “The Great Lemonade Challenge”! Sell lemonade and help raise the $5,000 needed to bring a safe supply of drinking water to our neighbours across the world. Share the Caymankind!

Campaign Supporters

The Great Lemonade Challenge Cayman Islands - $5200
Logic - $1000
Florida Aquastore & Utility Constructions, Inc. - $500
Good Luck CWCO and Thank you for the opportunity to support this critical mission. Florida Aquastore & Utility Constructions, Inc.