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We visited one such school after seeing a nearby well. About 200 students in grades K – 4 attend this school. What touched me especially was the fact that these students were so eager to learn, but had no desks and sat on the floor. As a teacher, my heart went out to these students, and I resolved that day to make a difference in the lives of the children in that one school. After obtaining bids from reputable people in Ethiopia, the cost will be about $90.00 per desk, plus transportation from the factory to the school site. I have made it my goal to raise the funds to provide 100 desks for this school. Will you please join me in this project? A gift of $100.00 will provide one desk and transportation. Of course, any amount will be appreciated. You may donate on-line directly from this campaign page, or you may mail a check donation, payable to Water to Thrive, to their office at P.O. Box 26747, Austin, TX 78755. Please include “Kolander Desk Project” in the memo line of your payment. Thank you so much for considering support for these precious children. Please keep the students and the work of Water to Thrive in your prayers. We serve together in Jesus’ name. ~~ Nova Kolander

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