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Goal $5000.00
64% to goal

About the Campaign

We are asking for your support in donating to Water 4 Knowledge. Water 4 Knowledge is raising money to help Water to Thrive build a well in Ethiopia. We are students at El Cerrito High School in El Cerrito, California, and here in the US, the average person uses somewhere between 80-100 gallons of water per day.  We are fortunate to have running water whenever we need it and it’s something we take for granted. But in Ethiopia, it is women and children who often have to walk to get water. The amount of time each day that the kids spend walking is valuable time where they could be in class.  With this campaign, we are hoping to raise awareness within our community. Please consider donating!

Campaign Supporters

Sarah Bruno - $45
Anonymous - $10
I hope that word about this gets out because everyone deserves education and it’s our job to help our fellow human beings with learning and getting a chance in this world
Rita G - $10
Very proud of you, Dawit, for thinking of your family and the people of Ethiopia. Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. I love you! -Your big sister
Anonymous - $10
Carol - $50
Ella, so proud of your efforts to make a difference. You are amazing.
Anonymous - $157
Nice work!
Anonymous - $130
Thank you for joining us for our spaghetti dinner!
Anonymous - $150
Sabrina Lundquist - $25
Thank you Ella for working on this!
Julie - $40
Thank you for your leadership, Dawit. I enjoyed the walk!
Anonymous - $1000
Thanks to everyone who contributed to various fundraising events--from bake sales to church events, especially to the Epworth UMC community.
Supporters from Berkeley, CA - $50
Dawit, we’re sorry we could not be there Sunday. This is an essential campaign and thank you for your leadership!
Iwawaki family - $50
Elka Shockett & Donald Sokolski - $25
Dawit and Ella, thank you.
Michael Hurley (and family) - $50
Dawit and Ella, this is a great cause! Sorry we couldn’t join you guys last Sunday.
The Lovelace Clan - $50
So proud of your amazing efforts, Dawit! You are a true agent of change. Keep on, Bud!
Betser Family - $50
Lloyd Elliott - $60
Anonymous Supporter - $50
Fabulous work, Dawit! You're a great young man.
Odette - $25
Thank you, Dawit, for your leadership.
Anonymous - $50
miles freightman - $50
I wish I could be there, what a great cause!
Anonymous - $50
Supporter from Kensington, CA - $50
Steadman Family - $25
The Duff Family - $30
Good work Ella!
Garretson/Madden Family - $25
Thank you for being the change!!
Anonymous Supporter - $25
Donation on behalf of Dawit Vasquez-Suomala's April 28th Walk to Water
Anonymous - $30
Thank you thinking beyond...
Anonymous Supporter - $25
Meagan - $25
Good luck, Dawit! Go Gauchos!
In memory of Aunt Lorreta - $100
Paul and Sally Nasman - $50
Way to go!! Thanks for leading the way.
Bailey and Quinn - $25
WELL done!
Supporter from San Francisco, CA - In honor of Ella Bramwell - $50
Great work! Build that well. Thank you Ella.
El Cerrito High School - $25
Thank you to the students from El Cerrito and others who have bought stickers from us.
El Cerrito High school student - $85
I want to thank all the El Cerrito High school Students who helped donate money by buying a sticker. I hope they know that every single dollar counts.
The Wu-Zuckers - $250
Great way to make a difference!
Anonymous - $150
This is exciting and much needed work. Way to go, Dawit and Ella!
Anonymous Supporter - $25
Zach Fromm - $25
Go get em Dawit and Ella! Good for you both..