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About the Campaign

Dr. McAda was always willing to help those in need.  In memory of Dr. William E. McAda and in honor of his 65 years of veterinary service.

On the farm near Kenedy, Texas where my dad grew up, was a 400 ft. well that pumped brackish water. Their drinking water ran off a barn into an underground cistern. We would have to pull the well and replace the leathers on the bottom of the well about once a year. My dad recalls being lowered into a hand dug well by a rope in a bucket, to clean the mud that accumulated on the bottom of the well. Also memories were told of filling canteens from creeks while fighting in the Philippines during WW II. So good clean water was very appreciated by my father.  We want to serve a community in Uganda with clean water.

Campaign Supporters

Anonymous - $4325
Friends from Lubbock, TX - $50
Kari Hughes - Austin, TX - $25
In honor of Dr. William McAda and the families in Uganda that this well project will bless.
Supporters from Yorktown, TX - $100
Supporter from Yorktown, TX - $100
Supporters from Yorktown, TX - $100
Supporter from San Antonio - $50
Supporter from Pflugerville, TX - $250