Chef’s Table Austin 2022 certainly returned with a bang!

Our Executive director and guiding light, Susanne Wilson spoke with us about our accomplishments, our goals, and our grateful beneficiaries.  One particular story of a mother’s loss of her child to preventable waterborne disease certainly tugged at all of our hearts.  Susanne promised her that we would continue to build wells and change lives so that no mother would suffer the loss of her child to preventable waterborne diseases again.

Special Guest, Eden Wild, shared with us her heart-wrenching story from which she anchors her passion to give back and build wells for her native people of Ethiopia.  Eden is a strong supporter of Water to Thrive and is currently raising money to fund her 5th well!  Eden created a coffee company called Buna Tarik Roasters, she roasts authentic Ethiopian coffee beans and sells them as a means to further support her well campaigns.  We are very proud of what Eden has accomplished so far, and we know she will continue to do great things!

Above: Dick Moeller (Left), Camden Sturzenberger (Center). Joyce Moeller (Right)

Of course, Chef’s Table Austin would not be complete without our founder Dick Moeller (Left).  Dick founded Water to Thrive almost 15 years ago and has accomplished amazing things, to say the least.  Dick continues to support Water To Thrive through his duty as Chairman of the Board.  We are grateful for the foundation this incredible man has laid for us.  His passion to give back by bringing safe, clean water to those in need in rural Africa has transformed over 700,000 lives and counting!


Above: Ethan Holmes- Owner of Mattie’s Green Pastures, Austin Tx.

We couldn’t do this without you!

We want to thank all of our amazing chefs who attend this year.  Your selflessness and devotion to donating your time and services are commendable.   All of our chefs this year were extremely entertaining and Charming on stage.  This event would not be possible without you, we are so grateful for your incredible onstage performances and lavish menu offerings!