In May 2018, the seventh grade at Decorah Middle School in Decorah, Iowa,
capped a year of studying about water issues with a One Well week,
during which they held a penny drop fundraiser, visited local businesses to learn more about water use,
and made their own 6-kilometer Walk for Water to a local river.
In the process, they raised awareness and brought in enough change
to fund an entire water project with Water to Thrive.

Inspired by the motivation and action of these students and their teachers and administrators,
Water to Thrive has launched the Change4Change youth program.

For any school, classroom, or youth group that wants to launch a Change4Change
water education/coin collection program of their own to raise awareness and funds
to support our mission of building wells and changing lives,
we can provide ideas and resources.

Start by reading more about Decorah Middle School’s original Change4Change campaign here.

Then dip into our online resources…logos, facts, a poster.
We can send a copy of A Long Walk to Water to any teacher considering using it in their classroom,
and provide photos and videos from our service areas.
We have gathered stories of the children and teens who are able to go back to school
now that new W2T wells have ended their days of walking for water.
Finally, we can provide fundraising ideas and W2T coin boxes for collecting that change,
and we have a partnership with Evolve Water that supports Change4Change campaigns
by helping them sell bottled water as a fundraiser.

For more information on launching a Change4Change drive,
please contact us at team@watertothrive.org.