We are experiencing very cool mornings and evenings and we’re thankful for the relief from the day time heat. Our attention today turned to the community of Robit which is a deep borehole project completed in 2012. The project consists of a reservoir tank holding 35,000 litres of water serving over 3,000 people who live along the Megech River. The project was not working due to downed power lines which occurred two weeks before our arrival. We learned the true meaning of our saying, “this is Africa” (TIA). The problem has been reported but nothing has been done.


Another seperate issue facing the community is the bridge that crosses the river and separates the town into two halves. Every July/August, the river floods and washes the bridge out. The community spends a month rebuilding the bridge. Brizi Medina, one of our travelers, is an engineer and works on water projects in the US. She recommends converting to solar and plans on working up a solution after returning to the US.

We reflect this evening on the importance of providing water to all in need and that it is part of our humanity to help our brothers and sisters in Africa. We are reminded that it is God’s work, our hands.