Did anyone get the chance to come to our Shop for a Cause event back in December? I’m sure your friends and family loved the unique African gifts you put under the Christmas tree for them. We do the Shop for a Cause events for a few reasons. Yes, it’s definitely cool to have something unique from another country. But it’s also another opportunity for us to help in small ways to change the lives of African people, particularly women. Women’s rights and empowerment is something we hear and talk a lot about here in the States. We thought it would be a great time to shed some light on what that looks like in Africa.


The cultural history of African Artisans is a rich one that is passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally, women are the main artisans, and the skills and techniques are passed from one generation of women to the next while they perform the duties of maintaining the home. As the demand for handcrafted goods and sustainable craftsmanship is growing worldwide, the opportunity for these women to turn their skills – like basket-weaving, textile work, jewelry making, and so much more – into something income-generating has been steadily increasing. The demand for these products has empowered these women to have jobs that help lift them out of poverty and bring positive change to their families.

More and more organizations are popping up who work to help make sure women are paid a fair wage for their work, and help to sell their products abroad. And we love being one of these organizations! So the next time you’re at one of our events and your eye is drawn to a brightly colored scarf, or a unique bowl or basket, we hope you see it with new eyes. Yes, it’s beautiful and well-crafted. But we hope you also see the face of a woman who’s working hard to change her circumstances, both for herself and her family.

In the spirit of women coming together to create change, we’re getting ready for our next event coming up on Thursday, February 22nd. Water to Thrive is partnering with thredUP to create a fun, affordable shopping experience that helps a great cause. At this “Sip & Swap” event, you’ll have the opportunity to do some secondhand shopping while sipping and snacking. Simply bring at least 3 items of clothing, jewelry, shoes, or other accessories to the event that you’re wanting to get rid of, and take any other 3 items of your choice. It’ll be a super fun night you won’t want to miss. Click here for tickets and keep an eye on our Facebook event for more updates!