Meet Kato:

Programs Assistant for the Ugandan Water Project

On our recent trip to Uganda in February 2024, Kato escorted our team through many beneficiary communities. He also showed us a few prospect sites so we could see the situation our soon to be beneficiaries were currently living in.

When I asked Kato what separates Water to Thrive from their other partners, he told me that he admires the way we prioritize servicing those with the greatest need.

“Operating in this way poses many challenges and is not easy, but the impact is huge, and it is nice to see that the Water to Thrive team cares so much about helping those with the greatest need, that they are willing to take on more challenging projects to do so.”

My role as Programs Assistant with the Ugandan Water Project:

As a Programs Assistant, I Monitor and Evaluate processes at Red Rhino Development /Ugandan water project.

I am always looking forward to fostering behavioral change in communities and my satisfaction is to see communities adapt to healthy and sustainable policies that come along with having access to clean and safe water which later translates to good health and a more productive labor force in communities.

Through critical training, we are championing community engagement through training with the water management committees. We encourage them to shy away from dangerous practices that make them vulnerable to diseases like open defecation, not washing hands at critical times, etc. All intended to promote a healthier community which can proudly lead a prosperous lifestyle.

My Why:

Growing up as a child, I used to see my mum caring so much for people who seemed not to be well off in terms of getting their basic needs met.   

To this day, she will gather goods, from the little she has at home, and shares it with those that are less fortunate. Watching her made me think a lot about life. Some people do not make choices on their status quo but rather find themselves vulnerable and in need of help. This more vulnerable state has so much to shape how they grow up and most importantly, their mindset.

It has always been in me to make sure I give back and do anything within my means to be impactful in people’s lives. I am naturally a kind person, raised by kind people, and this contributes to my passion to transform communities, using the tools around me. In particular, through the work that I am able to do with the Ugandan Water Project.