Meet Geoffrey!


What makes Water to Thrive different from your other partners?

Water to thrive strongly values our partnership. This has enabled us to grow our organization and retain staff. The communication is transparent and easy, we are able to fulfill the reporting requirements easily and plan ahead because water to thrive gives us reliable projections on the coming year. We strongly value the trust and bond between our organizations and feel valued within our partnership. Also Gashaw’s expertise in the field has taught us a lot and our other partners do not have an employee in the field the way Water to Thrive does. This relationship also furthers the trust and bond between our organizations.

My Role as Executive Director for PaCT:

As the executive director I play a critical role within my organization. I am passionate about community transformation and am always looking for ways to improve and make things better for our local communities. I ensure our business model is functioning as it should and ensure everyone within our team is able to perform at their best to meet the needs of our growing communities.

My Why:

When I was growing up life was not easy. I lost my father at a young age I had to step up to provide for my family at a very young age. I was working in construction when a met a woman who would change my life forever. She gave the opportunity to work for an organization that was transforming lives. She believed in me, and I believed in myself too. I began educating myself and doing everything I could to become a success advocate for the people in need in the communities around me. Now, PaCT is a well-known name, and everyone looks to us for assistance in improving their lives. I have worked very hard in my life, but I know firsthand the struggle of adversity and hardship. I also know that when people are given just a little bit of help, they can truly go on to accomplish amazing things in their lives. Things that would have otherwise been impossible for them.

I am determined to do everything I can to help people fulfill the life paths they were meant to, by assisting them in any way possible. We have structured trainings available to empower the local women here to live independently and take on careers in many different areas. We have changed the lives of thousands of children through our child education sponsorship programs. We have employed the people within the community at our local coffee farm which helps to educate the in this trade. While this provides a way to earn an income, coffee sales also help to support our on grounds primary boarding school for local orphans.

With strong leadership and processes in place we have changed many lives and plan to do so for many more years to come. Our water projects with water to Thrive lay a critical foundation of hope and good health within these struggling communities. Together we are stronger, and together we will see the world change for the better.