Meet Aregay!

My Role as a hydrogeologist:

Greetings from Tigray! My name is Aregay and I am the Hydrogeologist for REST. I survey the areas in which we implement wells within the rural regions of Tigray. To ensure the well will produce water for many years to come, my role within this agency is critical and I am very proud and honored to be a part of such an amazing organization!

My Why:

I grew up in a rural community in Tigray and so I know firsthand what life without clean water access is like. I spent many years facing the daily adversity and challenges that are presented on a daily basis living in a community with such conditions. I remember waking up very early in the morning to collect water before heading off to school. Sometimes there would be hyenas at our local water source and so we would have to hide and wait for them to leave before we could safely gather water for our families. This caused us to be tardy for class which was unavoidable. Unfortunately, we would be punished for our tardiness and the punishment was often hoours of physical labor, collecting rocks to assist with the school building repairs. We would spend all day after school enduring our punishment. After this we often needed, once more, to collect water. This needed to be done before sundown when the hyenas and other dangerous wild animals would arrive to the water source.

I consider myself lucky because I know many young girls and women also have to endure a lot of harassment and dangers of abduction during their long walks for water. For me it was more of an issue with physical safety from the wild animals and the exhaustion of enduring long laboring hours of punishment from being tardy for class.

Despite my adversity and struggles, I studied very hard, which made it possible for to earn good grades and then get accepted into the university. With the chance at a higher education, I knew I wanted to make a difference in my home community. I thought often of the young girls there who would follow in my difficult footsteps and wished a better life for them.

Once I began working for REST, I was able to take on my first project which ended up being a well for my hometown! This was extremely exciting for me and I was overcome with immense joy.

The women and girls of my town are now able to enjoy a life of blessings thanks to the generous donors of Water to Thrive and the passionate support of REST. Together we are accomplishing such great things, and I am beyond grateful and honored to be a part of such meaningful transformations.

Aregay Kidmu