Jamie Morris

Marketing Director

Why I’m here:  I found Water to Thrive through my research to find an organization working toward ending the water crisis in rural Africa, a cause near and dear to my heart.  Water to thrive knocked it out of the park when it came to transparency, professionalism, and impact.  I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to learn new skills while sharpening existing ones, all the while in an effort to support a cause I’m extremely passionate about.

What I love about my work: My work with Water to Thrive has given me the opportunity to express both my creative and technical abilities.  I continually learn new skills and grow in an environment that is welcoming and open to new ideas.  I feel extremely fortunate to work for an organization driven to help those in need and transform lives.  Also, I love how connected I feel to the stories of the beneficiaries whose lives are forever changed by the work Water to Thrive is doing.  This organization has connected me to some of the most caring, selfless individuals I have ever met.  The team at Water to Thrive is extremely hard-working, and it’s an honor to learn from each of them on a daily basis.