February 22, 2024 Thursday

Today was profoundly moving for me. We visited a well sponsored by a church in Loudin, TN, a place we had been to last year before the well’s completion.

The reception we received from the community was overwhelmingly joyful. We danced, laughed, and sang together before walking to see the original water source, which broke my heart. The water was the color of mud, with cows drinking from the pooled area and cow paddies scattered along the banks. It was distressing to think that this was what the village of 60 households had been drinking before Water to Thrive intervened.

No one should ever have to drink water of such poor quality. The sight moved me to tears, overwhelmed by the opportunity to bring health and hope to these people.

During our visit, Jamie interviewed a woman named Inhari whom she had met last year and compared her situation then to now. The mother of six children can now tend to her thriving cows and produce butter, which sells for a good price at the market. Additionally, she has more time to devote to her vegetable garden and banana cultivation, generating additional income. Jamie noted that both the children and the mother appeared to have healthier weights and were noticeably happier. It’s moments like these that remind me of the impact we can have on people’s lives through simple acts of compassion and support.