Ethiopia is rich in history, culture and wildlife. Today we took a relaxing boat ride on Lake Chamo, which is one of the two lakes we are able to view from the high perch of our lodge.

We visited the crocodile market which is actually an area on the lake where large numbers of crocs reside. The crocs were sunning and seemed unreal due to the bright green of their skin.

However, as they opened their mouths to cool off, we quickly realized they were indeed alive. We also saw a family of hippos, but I wasn’t able to capture a photo due to their them only surfacing for a quick second. We saw a number of birds including the African fish eagle.

After our boat tour, we traveled to Hawassa to begin visitng water projects with our partner Mekane Yesus Church. As the sun set, we discussed the coming day’s activities and  excitement to witness the impact of clean water.