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BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible) Campaign
BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible) CampaignBYOB is a group of women that started meeting monthly in 2011 to study God's word, realizing God's many blessings in our own lives we want to give back in a meaningful way. Nearly 1 billion people in the world do not have access to clean, safe, drinking water. Our hope is that by helping provide one of life's most basic needs we can help our neighbors grow in health, knowledge, and Christ. For every $5,000 raised a water well will be built that will serve hundreds. Join us in bringing clean water to those that have never known it-
Goal $2,500
$200 Raised
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TLU Quest for Clean Water – 2nd Well! Thank you!
TLU Quest for Clean Water – 2nd Well! Thank you!TLU students have been working so hard the past two years to raise enough money to build a water well and we have reached our goal! Water to Thrive has brought awareness to our campus, about something so simple we hardly think about it: clean water! Water is so important, it can change a person's life: from spending all day walking to bring home diseased water, to having enough time to start school. We are all people of this Earth, and being a global citizen means that we need to care for each other! This campaign is our next push for TLU's second water well! Your help would be greatly appreciated for those suffering!
Goal $10,000
$10,932 Raised
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Concordia University Texas
Concordia University TexasJoin the 2013-2014 Jubilee Campaign! Water to Thrive is turning 5, and we have also partnered with Water to Thrive for 5 years, so to celebrate, we want to help W2T meet their goal of funding 50 wells. Our goal for this year's campaign is to give generously!
Goal $15,000
$15,025 Raised
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California Pizza Kitchen/W2T fundraiser
California Pizza Kitchen/W2T fundraiserHi, I wanted to let everyone know of an opportunity where just by going out to eat you can help raise money to provide clean water to the beautiful people of rural Africa. If presented with the attached flyer, California Pizza Kitchen (either Domain or Barton Creek location) will donate 20% of your entire bill to Water to Thrive. Water to Thrive is an Austin-based charity that began in 2007 and has already funded more than 230 water projects in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. In 2012, they’ve expanded their efforts to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. A good friend of mine and I, recently learned of the restaurant’s philanthropic efforts in the community. She and I share a passion for clean water for all people but sometimes find it difficult during this stage in life to make a real difference in the problem. We thought putting the two organizations together would be a great and easy way to support a fantastic cause and just wanted to get the word out. California Pizza Kitchen will be hosting these “flyer days” for Water to Thrive on the 1st Sunday and 3rd Thursday of every month (beginning Sunday, Oct. 7). SO GO OUT TO EAT AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT (but don’t forget the flyer)! Also, please feel free to forward to anyone you know that goes out to eat! Happy Eating, Rhonda Hissey & Stacy Brown
Goal $5,000
$626 Raised
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Trinity Ladies
Trinity LadiesAs women of God, the Wednesday morning Bible study group is seeking to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all, by supporting this water to thrive campaign.
Goal $5,000
$5,002 Raised
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