“We know this has become a fearful time for people around the world as we experience the COVID-19 pandemic. Our prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this illness, as well as healthcare workers and those in the service industry.

These are hard times for small businesses and nonprofits. Many events and in-person fundraisers that were planned by our supporters are now cancelled. We rely on donations to do the life-saving work of providing clean water to those in need. We are still unsure how this will affect us.

Despite this, our staff here at Water to Thrive are thankful. We are thankful to have clean water to drink to help our bodies fight illness. We are thankful to have clean water to wash our hands. During this challenging time, we are reminded that there are still 663 million people around the world living without clean water. In recent months, many have been living in fear for their health and the health of their loved ones. The people we serve, too, live in fear for their health and have lived that way every day of their entire lives. They do not have clean water to wash their hands, and strengthen their bodies. The water they do have causes and exacerbates illness to the point where 6,000 children die every day as a result.

So, at Water to Thrive we will persevere and keep fighting to end the global water crisis, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As transparency is one of our values, we think you should know that beginning Monday, March 23 our small staff will be working from home in an effort to prioritize health and safety. We will continue to respond to calls and emails, process donations and hold our upcoming online fundraisers. It will be business as usual, but from the sofa!

Finally, I want to remind everyone, as our top doctors race to find a permanent solution for the crisis of COVID-19, that the global water crisis already has a solution. You are the solution. It only takes $10 to provide one person with clean water and $70 for a family. Please consider giving to our World Water Day fundraiser or joining our new monthly giving program, the Water Guardians. We thank you for your continued support and faith in us during this uncertain time. Wash those hands, stay safe and God bless!”

– Susanne M. Wilson, Executive Director