Dick writes about visiting more water projects and the joy that comes from the blessing of clean water. 

Today was Oct. 16 and another busy day in the field. We visited two water projects and a school. The first project, Mai Kodo, is especially meaningful for the group. Gloria Dei dedicated this well in memory of pastor Rob Dotzel, who recently passed away. Rob’s wife, Stephanie, shared her joy and tears with the community as she dedicated this water project to the memory of her husband. The next project, Mai Liaham, is a memorial well dedicated to the memory of Dan Kolander’s parents.


Stephanie Dotzel pumps water from the well donated in memory of her husband.

A traditional jebena buna ceremony to celebrate having clean water!

In the afternoon, we made our way to the school at Adi Nefas. The school is near one of Water to Thrive’s first projects constructed in 2008. The school has been a passion of Nova Kolander since her visit to the school 3 years ago. On this trip, the group shared three large suitcases of supplies to assist the students in their studies.