Feb. 9.

After three days in the field visiting water projects, we are traveling west to Gondar/Gonder. Ethiopia is seriously one of the most scenic countries I’ve ever visited and the terrain differs as you move from region to region. Our 7 hour road trip took us through some of the most amazing but harrowing views. The original road was built by the Italians during their occupation and have been repaired by others since then. I’m glad the others gave me the front seat as the hair pin turns are not for the weak of stomach.

We passed through several small towns and stopped along the way to do some shopping including papaya, charcoal and roasted chick peas. We also stopped for the obligatory jebena buna or coffee prepared the traditional Ethiopian way. After arriving at our hotel, we were rewarded with the most amazing sunset. Thankful for a safe journey and another day to do God’s work.