Executive Director, Susanne, is now visiting water projects in Uganda, with Project Manager, Gashaw. Feb. 23-26. 

We are at the end of a long trip of visiting projects in three countries and I am ending my time in Africa in Uganda. The long hours in the truck have been spent on naps, quiet contemplation, conversations about politics, language, food and water projects. Our partner, Partners for Community Transformation (PaCT), are a group of young, talented and very dedicated professionals. Like many of our partner organizations, they have several program areas including education and support of orphans.

At the Kanziira Primary school of over 600 students and only 11 teachers, we learned that W2T donors funded a well used by both the school and the village of 80 households. The latrine used by the students was funded by another nonprofit. The students provided hand washing demonstrations using what they call tippy taps which are jugs filled with water tipped by use of a foot. After being greeted by the students and hearing a poem about hand washing, we were showered with gifts which included papaya, passion fruit, eggs, bananas and avocados.

We are thankful for a safe and successful trip. We are grateful for PaCT and all of our partners. We are especially thankful to our donors who make our work possible. In the words of one of our beneficiaries, “We share God’s love with you. ”