Following a long meeting with partners about the rural health clinic project, we headed out to visit the highly ranked Gebire Kristos Health Clinic. Located on top of a ridge in a beautiful area, it offers hope for the women in this rural community.

Clean Water Access is Critical

The significance of clean water access for maternal health clinics is profound. This enables the sterilization of instruments, laundering of clothes, and mitigates infection risks.  It improves health outcomes for mothers and newborns alike.  I am immensely grateful that this community now has access to fresh water that is so essential for protecting maternal and infant health.

Leadership is the Key to Success

Dynamic and creative leadership defines this clinic, which is lead by Director Wilson. She developed innovative initiatives, such as implementing a productive vegetable garden that not only feeds and educates the community on nutrition, but bolsters the revenue stream for WASH committee efforts. Wilson’s forward-thinking extends to offering staff the option to utilize the clinic’s shower facilities for a nominal fee, fostering support for the WASH committee and promoting community-wide hygiene practices.

Under Wilson’s guidance, a dedicated team has flourished. Many members have served for four years or more, showcasing deep commitment to their roles. The midwife, inspired by improved water access, shares the positive impact on her work and takes pride in her work with the clinic.

Since the completion of Water to Thrive’s installation last year, the clinic’s reputation has soared, drawing in more clients. Wilson’s resourcefulness has not only saved approximately $2000 previously spent on annual water hauling but has also facilitated the hiring of three new staff members to accommodate growth. The far-reaching benefits of clean water access are undeniable, and serve as “ripple effects” to raise up the entire community.