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In May of 2016, Dan and I were blessed to be invited to travel to Ethiopia with Water to Thrive, as well as a group from the congregation that Dan started in Austin, TX. The real blessing for us came when the local people, who were the beneficiaries of this church-sponsored well, came out to offer their thanks for the gift of clean water. The blessing of safe, accessible water in their community, meant that their children could spend more time in school, instead of spending their days walking great distances for unsafe water.

$14,973.00 Raised
$10,000.00 Goal

Wartburg College is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning. A selective liberal arts college of the Lutheran Church (ELCA), Wartburg is internationally recognized for community engagement.

$10,869.00 Raised
$10,000.00 Goal

My birthday wish is to help provide clean water for people who do not have any. Please help me build a clean water well in Ethiopia!

$10,309.00 Raised
$10,000.00 Goal

A member of Curves, Oak Knoll gym in Austin, TX, recently went to Ethiopia with Water to Thrive, a non-profit, faith-based organization in Austin. Mary Goering and her husband had funded a well and wanted to see how the clean water wells impact the villages in remote, rural areas. Their trip illustrated the heartbreaking reality of the water crisis in Africa and inspired them to encourage others to provide the resources for a well. We believe that our wonderful Curves community at Oak Knoll can raise $5,000 to fund a well, to support more than 250 people in a village. Curves Oak Knoll owner, Randa Pedneau, her staff and the members of the gym have always been eager to help those in need. This is an exciting campaign for everyone to “Make a Difference”. Let’s “Build a Well” and “Change Lives”.

$5,030.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

We are excited to conclude fundraising for our 12th well! Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped keep our momentum going!

$5,629.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

Worldwide, over one billion people lack access to clean water – that’s one out of every six people on the planet. As a result, an estimated 6,000 children die each day due to waterborne disease. Eighty-four percent of water-related deaths are children under the age of 14.

$43,337.00 Raised
$43,000.00 Goal

Welcome to the Strides for Africa campaign page. A combination of images observed on one Sunday afternoon across rural Ethiopia in 2009 forever changed our lives and started a journey to make a difference to better the lives of those less fortunate in Africa.

$5,087.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

We’re celebrating our 50th birthdays soon. Mike’s is July 30, and Kathryn’s is March 12. Between our two birthdays, we’re looking for 100 friends and family to donate $50 to celebrate our 50th birthdays and help build a water well. We would like “50 X 2 = 5,000” so our two 50th birthdays will lead to $5,000 to build a well.

$2,201.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

Redeemer Lutheran Church of Paragould, Arkansas is sponsoring a well campaign.

$6,018.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

Thank you to all supporters of this campaign. We are very grateful, and your kind generosity will change lives! Triumphant Love Lutheran Church – Austin, TX

$50,663.00 Raised
$30,000.00 Goal