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The members of Calvary Lutheran Church, of Richland Hills, TX, are giving the gift of water this season!

$5,518.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

A 2015 Lenten challenge opened a door for Lutherans in SE Texas and their friends, to go global to change lives forever by providing clean water to villages in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Thank you for visiting here and partnering with us.

$19,242.00 Raised
$20,000.00 Goal

COMPLETED – Thank you!

$1,000.00 Raised
$1,000.00 Goal

Everyone deserves clean water. Join us in raising money to provide a water well to people in East Africa.

$5,073.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

On March 22, World Water Day observed the theme of water and work. Here at Water to Thrive, we celebrated World Water Day by launching our #ChangeLives campaign. In eight weeks, we want to inspire 100 donors to give at least $50 each to support the foundation of our mission … to support water and work. Please help us reach our goal by Wednesday, May 4!

$7,038.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

THANK YOU for partnering with us, in continuing to give the gift of water!

$5,429.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

We are blessed with water. Thank you for sharing this blessing with others. We are excited to announce that we have already funded Well # 4!

$8,394.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

We are blessed with water. Thank you for sharing this blessing with others, and for helping us build Well # 3!

$5,000.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

When someone first told me that almost one billion people live without clean water on a daily basis, I was shocked; but I also knew that I wanted to do something about the water crisis. Throughout the past eight years, I have worked on many efforts to help fund clean water wells to the people of Ethiopia. This year, instead of receiving gifts for my eighteenth birthday, I hope that you join me in giving people a basic resource we take for granted: clean water. It would mean so much to me if you would donate $18.00 (or more 🙂 ) as a gift for my eighteenth birthday. Thank you.

$1,843.00 Raised
$2,500.00 Goal

We started “Dig Deep” in the Hotchkiss community as a way for students and teachers to learn about the dirty water crisis that currently exists in Eastern Africa, and raise funds in order to help solve the problem. At Hotchkiss, we noticed that many existing clubs focused on other issues in the developing world, but no current clubs had discussed the lack of potable water in developing countries. We hope that the Dig Deep initiative at Hotchkiss, spreads to other prep schools, so that we can start to make a larger impact on the water crisis present in Eastern Africa. Thank you for your contribution!

$7,072.00 Raised
$10,000.00 Goal