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We have chosen to ask our wedding guests to donate to this cause in lieu of gifts. We have been blessed in life, and want to help those less fortunate to have one of the basic needs, clean water.

$5,025.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

Water To Thrive is an organization founded in 2007 by members from my church home in Austin. They simply wanted to bring clean, accessible water to those most affected by the global water crisis. They began with 12 wells the first year, and now have provided over 500. It’s a drop in the bucket of need.
The outcome is as clear as the water their pumps provide: Every dollar saves lives and makes them better.

$6,150.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

The Great Water to Thrive Challenge!
Each Sunday, we ask all youth to bring their offering to benefit Water to Thrive. Our goal is to provide a water wall for a whole village! People who have clean water thrive! According to Water to Thrive, “With safe, clean water, as much as four-fifths of disease in a community can be eliminated.”

Parents, please remind your children of the Sunday School offering. To all adults, if you feel compelled, please consider helping the youth make their goal!

Give the gift of clean water!

$5,100.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

THANK YOU for the Birthday donations for the “Dig Deep” campaign!

$2,300.00 Raised
$1,500.00 Goal

The Central College Water to Thrive club is new to campus. The goal of our organization is to raise awareness about the global crisis, and to fundraise to build a well. We believe everyone should have access to water, and we want to try and help end the global water crisis.

$5,000.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

Clean, safe water is a gift, and we want to continue our efforts to raise even more funds and awareness about the water crisis around the world. We are pleased to announce that the students, faculty, and friends of Illinois State – led by Professor Andrew Matthews – are working on another campaign to make a life-changing impact. Together, we want to help another community by raising $5,000 to fund an additional water well in rural Ethiopia. We hope that you will support us in our effort to bring crucial, clean water to those who have never known it.

$5,000.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

Thanks to all!

$1,135.00 Raised
$1,135.00 Goal

Well #2 is Funded! THANK YOU for your generosity and compassion!

$5,000.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

2014 – 2015 Campaign for Ethiopia!

$6,370.00 Raised
$5,000.00 Goal

Wartburg College is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning. A selective liberal arts college of the Lutheran Church (ELCA), Wartburg is internationally recognized for community engagement.

$10,000.00 Raised
$10,000.00 Goal