On October 9th, a group of 19 people left for Ethiopia. The group is made up of Founder Dick Moeller, his wife Joyce, and 17 people from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church out of Iowa City. Gloria Dei has funded 7 wells with Water to Thrive. The group will be visiting water projects in Ethiopia over the course of a week. Before visiting water projects, the group took time to get to know the history, culture and faith of Ethiopia. Our Founder, Dick, writes about the travelers’ adventures. 

We have been busy so far! After we arrived in Addis Ababa, we left early Friday morning for a flight to Lalibela. On the first day there, we visited the first five of The 11 Rock-Hewn churches of Lalibela. In addition, we also had a wonderful lunch, with great views, at the Ben Abeba Restaurant.

The next day, we covered a lot of ground! All in all, we saw the final four Rock-Hewn churches in Lalibela, took a stroll through the Saturday market, and then flew to Gondar to visit Fasilides’ Castles and the Baths. This location is where the famous Timkat celebration occurs. We had a busy but a blessed day with good weather and cool temps!