Our intern Kendall spent one final day in Africa finding beauty and fellowship. 

We finished going to sites yesterday, so today and tomorrow are for relaxing & sight-seeing before we head home.

Rob and Monica left us early this morning to head out for the second part of their adventure in Africa – gorilla trekking. So today, our partners coordinated a driver and local REST employee to take Susanne and I to see some waterfalls, the Sezibwa Falls, that mark the beginning of one of the Nile rivers.

Unfortunately, our one day off was also the one day that it poured rain. So while we were able to go see the falls, we didn’t stay long because we didn’t want to stand in the rain and there was a ton of traffic we had to go through to get to dinner on time.

After the falls we headed straight to our partner Geoffrey’s house for dinner. He and his family had prepared a feast for us in their beautiful home that is still under construction. We got to see pictures from his wife and his engagement party and hang out with two of his beautiful kids – Theon, who is four, and Elizabeth, who is six months.

After saying goodbye to Geoffrey and his family, we ended our long day by driving back to Entebbe from Kampala with full bellies and full hearts.