Right now, over 1,000 Water to Thrive wells are serving over 600,000 people. We are so thankful you’ve allowed us to continue funding water projects during this pandemic. Our work is not possible without you.

Construction Update:
A group of four spring protection projects in partnership with the Central Gibe Synod (CGS) were just recently completed! Two beneficiaries of this group of newly-completed wells are Tilinte and Geneti, a father-daughter duo! Read their inspiring stories below.

“Before this well was constructed, our wives and daughters fetched water from an unprotected pond we shared with domestic animals in the day and scavengers at night. Giardia and Thypoid were common in the village. Depending on the seriousness of disease, our people traveled to Gedo (50 kms away) to the general hospital or to Ambo (120kms) to the referral hospital. The cost for transportation and medication is very high. Because of the seriousness of the water-related problem we submit an application letter to the district administration and water resource office, but we did not get any feedback or help. But now thanks to Water to Thrive and its donors, we are supplied by a clean water source from a protected spring.

Now we are very happy. You see here all smiling faces, and no wasting time walking to fetch water, because of your gift of water. We love you so much and we also pray for you and your families to stay safe from the current Corona disease. We stand by prayer with you, for the Lord God be merciful to you during this hard time.”

– Tilinte
Mr. Tilinte is thirty-two years old and lives in Ethiopia. He is a farmer, father of five children, and the Secretary of the Laga Mosa community water committee.

“I had a serious stomach ache before using this new well. My father took me to the hospital several times. But now I am safe. I don’t have to spend hours walking to collect water. I have time to study and attend school properly now.”

– Geneti
Geneti is twelve years old and is studying hard in the 6th grade.

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