As part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations this year, we wanted to do something special for a very specific group of people who have made a huge impact on our success. And last Wednesday, we had the great honor of holding an event to thank those that have specifically made our gala event, Chef’s Table Austin, such a huge success over the years – the chefs! Chef’s Table Austin is our annual signature event where we auction off dining experiences from some of Austin’s most notable chefs and restaurants. So it comes as no surprise that our time with these chefs at last week’s Chef Happy Hour at Boiler Nine Bar + Grill was an equally wonderful experience.

Descending the steps of Boiler Nine’s main restaurant, your eyes begin to adjust as you make your way to the ambient subterranean Boiler Room. A long bar on the back wall greets you, surrounded by intimate and cozy seating areas. It was the perfect atmosphere to gather with some of our chefs, board members, and longtime Water to Thrive supporters for the evening. Boiler Nine provided curated cocktails and delicious food for our special event. It was a great time mingling and celebrating the success of the last six years of Chef’s Table Austin.

Subterranean Boiler Room at Boiler Nine Bar + Grill

We had the pleasure to hear from Susanne, Water to Thrive’s Executive Director. She reminded everyone of the huge impact Chef’s Table has had on the organization and the communities it serves. Water to Thrive has always maintained its 100 Percent Promise, meaning that donors can be confident that 100 percent of the money they donate toward water goes directly to those water projects. So that we are able to continue to keep this promise, Chef’s Table was created to raise funds for the organization’s operations and infrastructure. In its six years of existence, Chef’s Table has become our largest fundraising event, and has raised over $275,000 in total for W2T operations.

We also heard from W2T Board Member Ed Scharlau, who has been instrumental in the organization since the beginning and in the implementation of Chef’s Table. It was wonderful to hear him share his heart, and help remind everyone that the work we do through Water to Thrive not only provides clean water which improves things like health and education, but that it also gives hope. That’s a powerful impact!

Board Member Ed Scharlau and wife Rennie

The evening ended with a message from Chef’s Table Austin’s founding chef, David Bull, who had an exciting announcement. First, he shared why it has been so important for him to be involved in this event every year. He expressed the dire need for clean water and the responsibility he feels as a chef to help. He then announced that, because of this passion for the work of W2T, he and his his 12-year-old daughter will be traveling to Africa this summer to take part in the Kilimanjaro Climb for a Cause! We are so excited to have Chef Bull and his daughter Jamison along to experience firsthand the impact his work with Chef’s Table has had on the communities in rural Africa (and then hike up the world’s largest free-standing mountain alongside them, too).

W2T Executive Director Susanne Wilson and Chef David Bull

Finally, Chef Bull and Susanne teamed up to reveal the date and location for Chef’s Table Austin 2018! The seventh annual Chef’s Table Austin will take place on Thursday, September 27th at Brazos Hall. Preparations are already underway, and we’re so excited for another year to feature some of the area’s best chefs, and to auction off unique dinner experiences at a fun-filled, high-energy evening that does so much good. Ticket sales and chef line-up will be announced this summer. Stay in the know on the event’s website,

We were so thrilled to have had this Chef Happy Hour to circle back and say thank you to the chefs that have made Chef’s Table possible over the years. This event, and all of the passionate people who put their time and energy into it, are just some of the many blessings we are grateful for as we reach our ten years of service. We hope to see everyone again in September for our seventh annual Chef’s Table Austin!