The village of Lemanda in Tanzania has a water issue, but not the kind we usually address.  They have a water source, but not all water is safe. Their water source contains toxic levels of fluoride.

In the U.S., we add fluoride to water to help prevent tooth decay. It’s an important public health initiative. But at the excessive and toxic levels found occurring naturally in the groundwater in Lemanda, the fluoride leaches the bones of important minerals,  turns teeth brown, causes bone deformities and pain and can even cause developmental issues.

We personally witnessed some of the issues in the people we met who lived in the village. One young girl had just completed a second surgery to correct the bone deformity in her lower leg.

I am researching the solution and working with others to make sure these precious children don’t suffer needlessly. It simply isn’t fair! I’m reminded of the slogan of a group of young university students who were studying solutions to world problems: “Not You, But Me!”  I am part of the solution and can do something to make a difference!