Berhane is a widow and mother to four children. Water to Thrive completed a spring protection development in her village, Boche, in Ethiopia in May 2020.

“Nine years ago, my husband passed away because of an infection form a serious waterborne disease called Typhoid. My children and I were also infected several times and recovered by the mercy of God. In order to support my children as a widow, I am leasing my small plot of farm land every year and I burn charcoal and sell it to the market to get additional income. But, it is still hard for me to survive without my husband and now my wisest daughter, who I recently sent to the nearby town Gedo to live with one of my relatives to help her schooling.

My life is changed because of the new water source. There is no more fear of waterborne disease. The water is pure and looks crystal clear. I am happy to know I will raise my kids with a safe water supply. I am now saving my money, time and energy to be involved in other income generation activities to support my four children. My message for the donors of this well is: While you are currently suffering from the deadly coronavirus, please faithfully support our community, and although we have nothing to give you back, may the almighty God bless you, deliver you and we pray to stop this disease from your country and people.”