Robert McNabb and Monica Walton met the Water to Thrive team in Uganda last summer and traveled with our team to visit water projects and meet beneficiaries. Since then, the two have been incredible supporters and recently gave to our Water Can’t Wait–Operations Relief Fund.

Last summer, Monica, a professional content creator and videographer with her own company, Vagabond Media Group, took some amazing pictures and videos while visiting water projects with our team. She then very kindly gave us these beautiful pictures and videos, which we have been using since then!

Monica also help set up a fundraiser for Water to Thrive, the Great Lemonade Challenge, in partnership with Cayman Water. This fundraiser raised $6,700 for clean water!

When we asked Rob and Monica why they continue to support Water to Thrive, they told us “because we saw first hand all the good the organization does when we were in Uganda with Susanne and Kendall last year. We know that our money is going into the right organization to deliver clean water to those in need. We are very proud of everything Water to Thrive does and we hope others that can afford it can also give to continue this invaluable work.”

We, too, are proud! We are proud to have such faithful, generous and loyal supporters. To Rob and Monica and everyone else who shares our passion for bringing clean water to those in need–thank you. We could not accomplish our mission without you.

Check out one of the beautiful videos Monica created for Water to Thrive here!