Right now, all of our partners continue to be working on the frontlines of COVID-19. One of our partners, the Relief Society of Tigray (REST), recently updated us on their work! They are continuing to build and maintain water projects, and have donated materials, including masks and gloves, to Tigray regional health bureaus. They have also implemented physical distancing practices at water points and new hand-washing stations, while raising awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic among rural communities. 

Photo courtesy of REST.

We are continuing to support this new work of our partners as much as possible. We are also thankfully still funding and building water projects during this pandemic. Among other projects, a group of four spring protection projects in partnership with the Central Gibe Synod (CGS) were just recently completed! The projects are part of our 2020 Phase I projects in partnership with CGS. Right now, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) committees are being formed for these projects and community members are receiving potentially life-saving sanitation and hygiene training.

Below are the first pictures we received from our partner of these finished wells! Water to Thrive has now funded 1,098 wells, thanks to your generous contributions!

Hear from a beneficiary of one of these recently completed projects below!

“Nine years ago, my husband passed away because of an infection form a serious waterborne disease called Typhoid. My children and I were also infected several times and recovered by the mercy of God. In order to support my children as a widow, I am leasing my small plot of farm land every year and I burn charcoal and sell it to the market to get additional income. But, it is still hard for me to survive without my husband and now my wisest daughter, who I recently sent to the nearby town Gedo to live with one of my relatives to help her schooling. Now, my life is changed because of the new water source…”

– Berhane Kenea, beneficiary of the Boche community well

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