Your Mother’s Day gift can give and give

Meet Worke Tadesse, the 50-year-old mother of six and grandmother of 15.
Worke remembers her family’s struggle with disease from a dirty, contaminated water source. “We fetched water from the nearby source full of leeches. Besides, it was contaminated by the cattle and donkeys. Sometimes we tried to filter and boil it, but collecting of firewood is tiresome and we often simply drank it.”
Worke says her children and grandchildren were always infected by waterborne diseases, which cost a great deal, and that flooding in the rainy season made it difficult to reach the clinic.

Water to Thrive built a new well in Worke’s village. “Thanks to the donors of this project, our life is spared from stomach aches. We save our time for agricultural activities, and we’ll send our children to school.”

“Starting from this month,” she adds, “our history is changed.”


The work we do here at Water to Thrive does change history for the people we serve, and we do it with help from individuals, families, congregations, schools, and businesses. This Mother’s Day, one of our wonderful business partners, Benold’s Jewelersis donating 10 percent of sales from a special trunk show to Water to Thrive, with those proceeds going to build a well that will serve mothers and grandmothers like Worke.

Benold’s first joined Water to Thrive as a top sponsor of Chef’s Table Austin 2018, and their support played a critical role in the success of our event. Their special Mother’s Day fundraiser is a true gift, not only for the special women who will open a lovely package from the jeweler but for all the women like Worke whose lives will be changed by the blessing of clean, safe water.

The Benold’s fundraiser just one of several ways that you can honor the special mothers in your life
with support of Water to Thrive…

Honor your mother, grandmother, godmother, sister, or aunt as a Water Angel,
one of our special supporters who fund the foundation of our work.
The Water Angel gift level is $1000 or more, which can be given with recurring monthly payments.
Make a donation to a current campaign,
like the one recognizing Water to Thrive’s staff (most of whom are working mothers!),
or one of several student-focused Change4Change campaigns.
Make a donation that supports the foundation of our mission
by giving to our Drop by Drop Fund in her honor.
Start other Mother’s Day shopping at Amazon Smile
and we receive .5 percent of your purchase total at no cost to you. (Learn more.)